Amy Neville Fulena, a final year Economics and German student and Team Leader of Enactus UCD shares with us her take on Enactus and what it was like to be a part of the Irish delegation at this years Enactus World Cup!


‘As the Team Leader of Enactus UCD I always get asked, ‘What is Enactus?’ For me, Enactus is all about the endless opportunities afforded to students in third level education. Enactus supports and invests in students who take entrepreneurial action for others. As students we create community development projects that put our innovation, ingenuity, strength and talents at the center of improving the livelihoods of others. We are supported by educators and business leaders who empower us to develop into more effective, value driven leaders.


Team Ireland at the World Cup!

Team Ireland at the World Cup!

One of the wonderful things about Enactus is there is no such thing as a loser! Although the projects from Enactus DCU represented Ireland at the World Cup this year, it doesn’t mean the rest of us get left behind. Quite the contrary! As the Enactus saying goes, ‘When we compete to change lives, #WeAllWin!’ We do not compete against each other in order to beat one another. We compete, in order to change people’s lives and show off our projects and achievements to the other colleges/universities, business leaders and the rest of the world. This means there is no rivalry between teams. Instead we all share our achievements and provide help and feedback to each other. So although only one team from Ireland gets to present their projects to the world it does not mean the journey for the rest of us is over. All teams come together and form a delegation for the World Cup and we are known as Team Ireland!


EII am fortunate enough to have experienced the Enactus World Cup for the second time. KPMG provided me with a bursary to travel to this years Enactus World Cup in London where I witnessed a showcase of entrepreneurial action and innovation from other countries around the globe! Over the course of the three days at the Enactus World Cup, Enactus DCU prepped, practiced and pitched in order to progress through the rounds as far as the semi-finals! Meanwhile the rest of Team Ireland acted as a force of support by gaining insight and inspiration from other team presentations and guest speakers such as Paul Polman. We contributed to collaboration sessions on the sustainable development goals and how we can use social media to drive change in our own communities and abroad. There was also various panel discussions that took place. Dr.Lord Michael Hastings hosted the SDG session where he spoke to students who were passionate about achieving these goals. These were wonderful opportunities and enabled us to take our experience and inspiration and share it with the rest of the team and those of back home!


picLike everything in life, it is important to have balance! We can’t be all work and no play! Recognising the value Enactus teams are giving to the world, Enactus partners come together at events such as the World Cup to offer support and guidance on our projects and also offer employment opportunities at Career Fairs. This provides students with the opportunity to network with each other and speak to industry leaders and gain an insight into their companies. As if that wasn’t enough we are also offered the chance to get to know other teams/countries and form friendships and connections at the culture fair and closing party. The culture fair takes place on day one, where all countries are invited to set up a stand to represent and share their culture with the rest of the world. After three long exciting and unforgettable days of competition and collaboration it’s time for celebration at the closing party!

So in essence, Enactus is a non-profit organisation that brings together a community of student, academic and business leaders who are committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to improve the quality of life and standard of living for people in need. What is Enactus to me?! Opportunity! It is the opportunity to meet and create new bonds, friendships and connections. It’s the opportunity to test your strengths and improve your weaknesses and develop new traits and skills! Above all, it’s the opportunity to help others, make a difference in the world and help inspire others to do the same. We live on this planet and it is about time we all start looking after it and caring for those in it too!’