Highlights from Spring Summit 2018

26 Jan Highlights from Spring Summit 2018

On January 19th, students from across the country traveled to the University of Limerick to take part in our Spring Summit. The training focused on everything students need to develop and build their projects. The sessions delivered included revenue streams, project management, brand creation, core message, relationship management, business planning and scaling, social impact and empowerment, environmental aspect and of course, the criterion! The facilitators who delivered these sessions were from a range of Enactus partners including KPMG, Bank of Ireland, Abbott, CarTrawler KBC Bank and Unilever.

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Did you miss the event? Check out what Brendan Hughes (Enactus DIT) and Joanne Moloney (Enactus UCC) had to say about Spring Summit!

Brendan Hughes (Enactus DIT)

Brendan Hughes (Enactus DIT)

‘I love Spring. It’s my favourite time of the year. It brings a new energy, a new lease of life, which makes it the perfect time for the Enactus Ireland Spring Summit. The Spring Summit has this effect of re-motivating and refocusing the mind that may have lost sight over the dark winter months, and this was no more evident than experiencing the energy and enthusiasm in UL last week. The one thing I love about these Enactus events and the organisation overall, is the effect of the Enactus network. A shout out must go to UL team leader Maria Bennett and her team for the warm welcome. Talking to other students about their experiences was both interesting and reassuring to know that a lot of groups are experiencing the same issues. Synergy to me is the essence of Enactus Ireland.

Enactus DIT currently have two projects on the go, MenShed and Ciorcal. Ciorcal, which is the project I am currently a member of, is a social enterprise that empowers inactive/retired individuals to share their local knowledge with tourists and the younger generation by means of walking tours and events. Prior to the Summit, our main issue was building partnerships and contacts to find suitable participants for our project. With the help of the expert advisers, particularly in the “Relationship Management” and “Working with People in Need”, we have been able to create an approach that will increase our chances of forming a pivotal partnership in the near future. This, along with the other workshops, has helped us immensely in enhancing our project going forward in the months to come.

I found the day had great balance and was organised brilliantly once again by Liam, Lizzie and Laura. Alternating groups around different time slots allowed us to meet back in the main hall between workshops for general discussion with Laura, which was a welcome addition this year. This gave the opportunity to discuss different issues and ideas among teams from different colleges. Overall, the impact of the Enactus “ThinkTank”, had Enactus DIT leaving Limerick with a ‘spring’ in our step!’


Joanne Moloney, Enactus UCC

Joanne Moloney, Enactus UCC

‘Spring Summit was a fantastic way to kick off what’s sure to be a fun and successful year for Enactus UCC! We started the day with a warm welcome from the Enactus Ireland team, then had a talk about bursaries and internship opportunities from KPMG, Unilever & KBC representatives. I could feel the excitement in the room, everybody was brimming with ideas and couldn’t wait to get stuck into project development.

Every project team met individually with business advisers, covering a range of topics from revenue streams to brand creation. Each session lasted just 15 minutes which I found great, because it meant that we made the most of our time and got down to business straight away. We got the opportunity to ask questions, jot down ideas, share tips and gain invaluable insights in these rapid-fire brainstorming sessions.

In between the business adviser meetings, we had short breaks to reflect on what we’d learned and discuss it with other teams. It was a day full of knowledge sharing and I took in lots of new information and ideas. We were also advised to use this down time between sessions to make active ‘to do’ lists for our projects and assign team members to each task. This was a great tip, because it meant that we came away with an achievable list of goals and a time frame within which they need to be completed.

One of the main highlights of the day for me was getting new perspectives on our projects. It was fantastic to get professional business inputs from experts in each field. The advisers encouraged us to pursue avenues and develop certain aspects of the projects that we hadn’t previously considered, which was really enlightening. Overall, Spring Summit was a great eye-opener and all of the outside advice will definitely help us to develop our projects going forward!

Another great thing about events like this is being surrounded by creative entrepreneurs who share the same passions. Sometimes we get so caught up with the day-to-day roadblocks we face in getting projects off the ground, that we forget about the bigger picture. Spring Summit was a reminder that we’re all part of an incredible society that aims to empower people worldwide through entrepreneurship. I think that coming together as a group to share ideas and get inspired was exactly the motivation we needed this new year to make our projects the best they can be!’

At the Summit we also announced some amazing opportunities for our network such as the Unilever Internship, the KPMG student and faculty adviser bursary for this years World Cup and the KBC Bank Internship. Don’t forget to apply for these amazing opportunities!

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