Business knowledge helps struggling weavers find success – Tunisia

28 May Business knowledge helps struggling weavers find success – Tunisia


Project Facts

  • 1 association of female weavers
  • 1 revitalized craft activity
  • 120 percent increase in incomes

Seeing Possibilities

Skill wasn’t enough to equal success for the female artisans residing in the rural countryside of Kroumirie, Tunisia. In fact, the group seemingly had the odds stacked against them. Poor management and a series of riots that destroyed their work space and tools had dashed the artisan’s hopes of making a living from their craft.

Taking Action

Looking past the obstacles, the Enactus team at the National Superior Engineering School of Tunis worked to replace supplies and established the group to a carpet warehouse. Then they helped them expand their skills to include embroidery and cane weaving. They followed these measures with a business plan and multiple training sessions on management, marketing and negotiation. In order to boost awareness, they created marketing materials for each association activity. They also launched a social media campaign developed a new website. Finally, multiple partnerships gained the group access to area craft fairs, commercial space for free-trade goods and an exchange agreement to sell the products in Morocco.

Enabling Progress

The “Kroumirie Carpet” project has effectively created a stable business and future for these artisans. One of the women has even increased her income by 120 percent and the group reports income from cane production has increased by 180 percent. The right tools, training and confidence has also allowed them open a dedicated shop for their wares and to further ensure their business is successful and will generate a sustainable income.