enactusTALKS – Enactus & Unilever Speaker Series!

02 Aug enactusTALKS – Enactus & Unilever Speaker Series!

Enactus Talks - Unilever

We are delighted to bring back for the second time this year “enactusTALKS” – a speaker series with a central themse of topics relating to the world of Enactus! Hosted by Unilever in their Dogpatch Labs on August 23rd 2018, the event will feature seven insightful and engaging mini-talks from different members of the Enactus Ireland network. This will include, two student leaders, one academic leader, one community leaders, one business leaders and Unilever Keynote speech.


Successful candidates will be provided with training in preparation for their talks. This is a great opportunity for someone looking to challenge themselves, develop new skills and boost their profile. In terms of an academic leader talk, any employee of an Enactus Ireland partner third level institution can fill this spot.


To speak at the event, candidates can apply online with a brief outline of their chosen topic and how it relates to Enactus (empowerment, leadership, social change, social enterprise, social innovation, entrepreneurship, empathy etc.) It is important to note that the topic does not have to be about Enactus – just relate to a theme central to our message. A topic could be a college’s mission to empower people or an individual’s dedication to creating social change – the possibilities are endless!


Students, to register for the event please click here.


If you are interested in applying to speak at the event, please follow the appropriate link:

Community Applications: https://enactusireland.typeform.com/to/WVeUWa

Business Applications: https://enactusireland.typeform.com/to/QsbSSh

Student Applications: https://enactusireland.typeform.com/to/RzBveu

Academic Applications: https://enactusireland.typeform.com/to/RTlDlb

Alumni Applications: https://enactusireland.typeform.com/to/FFgrCi


Application Deadline: August 10th 2018

Event Time & Date: 6:30pm on August 23rd 2018

Event Location: Dogpatch Labs, The CHQ Building, Custom House Quay, Dublin 1


For a teaser of what to expect, check out our trailer from the first ever enactusTALKS here!