Video Launch: What is Enactus?

24 May Video Launch: What is Enactus?

What Is Enactus

To enable progress through entrepreneurial action.

Each year we look for new innovative ways to share the story of Enactus. This year, we worked closely with our partner Havas to enhance our story through animation.



Guided by some of the best academic advisers and business experts in Ireland, Enactus students develop and implement community empowerment projects via the skills that are passed on to them from academic and business advisers. These newly obtained skills not only transform lives, but they also help Enactus students to develop as well as broaden the kind of talent which is essential to leadership in an increasingly developed and complex world. There are very few organisations which taps into the entrepreneurial spirit of the students by connecting with various colleges and universities.


In Enactus we believe that every student can make an impact in their community – not in the form of charity – but by using the positive power of business. Enactus is a community of individuals who are committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to transform lives and shape a better more sustainable world.


We want you, yes you, to join Enactus! Register now here.